An overlooked way to grab media attention and become an industry expert

friday, 4 august of 2017

By Tom Trush

Over the weekend, I was lurking around LinkedIn and came across a discussion in a local business owners group.

A business development manager wanted ideas on how to get customers for his start-up. He stated, "Companies do not want to talk to you unless you have established a customer base ... even though we have services that are needed and great staff."

The way his statement was phrased I couldn't help but wonder if he would have an easier time attracting customers if his attention was on his prospects. Statements such as "established a customer base," "services that are needed" and "great staff" are dead giveaways that his focus is on his company.

From a marketing perspective, these traits do little to set you apart from your competition. "Services that are needed" and a "great staff" are especially common claims any company can make.

But by focusing attention on delivering value and educating prospects, you can provide proof for these types of claims -- even if you own a start-up. Furthermore, by demonstrating and distributing knowledge that addresses prospect problems, you meet people's desire for information without human interaction.

One overlooked marketing piece that gives you a perfect opportunity to share knowledge is a press release. Now, you may believe press releases are only for corporate giants. Worse yet, you might be hesitant to write a press release because you believe you have nothing newsworthy to announce.

Get over these misconceptions immediately!

Prior to pursuing my business full-time at the end of 2004, I worked as an editor and newsroom supervisor at Business Wire for nearly 6 years. I've edited and distributed thousands of press releases -- and many were not-so-cleverly disguised pitches from companies hoping to land a feature article or segment on the news.

Although features are always a possibility, here's a little-known secret that will increase your chances of appearing in the media as an expert:

Make yourself known as someone who shares knowledge.

Simply pay attention to writers/editors who cover topics related to your industry and volunteer yourself as a source. You can do this by contacting them or regularly sending out press releases that describe tips or strategies you can offer to their audiences.


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