How to prevent prospects from getting lured away by other offers

friday, 4 february of 2011

How to prevent prospects from getting lured away by other offers

by Tom Trush

Think back to the last time you saw a promotional piece urging you to take action with statements such as ...

Do not act now ... This offer will be available forever ... Call whenever you get a chance ... Place your order when you have excess money in your bank account ...

Unless you're exposed to incredibly terrible marketing, you never see these types of phrases. That's because most direct-response copywriters and marketers understand the importance of urgency.

When you create a sense of immediacy, your readers realize they must respond now -- or risk missing out on a valuable opportunity. The shopping rush on Black Friday is a perfect example of urgency in action. Once-a-year deals -- sometimes available only for a few hours on that day -- create a buying frenzy.

If you leave the timeframe for your offer up to your prospects, you greatly reduce the likelihood of getting your desired response. Worse yet, your prospects may get lured away by another offer.

Although people are natural procrastinators, there are several motivational strategies you can use to encourage immediate action.

  • Increase your fee. Appeal to people's desire for a deal by offering them one last chance to hire you at your current fee.

  • Establish a limited-time offer. Set a deadline and stick to it -- or only have a limited supply available.

  • Make action easy. Give simple options that require your prospects to put forth as little effort as possible.

  • Entice with extras. Create a sought-after bonus that complements your offer and use it as a reward for immediate action.

In addition to applying these strategies to offers involving an exchange of money, you can use them when encouraging prospects to release their contact information to you.

Regardless of your offer or the quality of your legal services, your prospects will always have objections. When you apply urgency to your offers, you calm those concerns.


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