How to overcome two costly excuses prospects make

friday, 22 june of 2012

How to overcome two costly excuses prospects make

by Trey Ryder

Why do clients and prospects make excuses? And what do those excuses mean?

The excuses you regularly hear are really symptoms of other problems:

Excuse #1: "Too expensive." Prospects don't appreciate the value of what you're offering, choosing to focus on price instead. (Also, "too expensive," if true, could mean you're reaching the wrong audience; you should redirect your message so you reach qualified prospects.)

Excuse #2: "Too busy." Prospects don't understand the importance of what you're offering, so they ignore your suggestions and claim they're too busy.

The purpose of a competent marketing message is to make sure prospects understand the depth of their problem -- and the solutions you can provide. When you hear excuses, they demonstrate the failure of your marketing message. Obviously, you're trying to reach people who don't appreciate the depth of their problem -- and the importance of solving it NOW!

Part of the issue is Credibility. When prospects trust you, they are more likely to follow your advice. So another problem is that your marketing program does not establish a high enough level of trust for prospects to do what you suggest.

Part of the issue is Importance. Prospects must understand the terrible problems they will create if they don't act soon.

Part of the issue is Urgency. Motivating people to take action is hard. Motivating them to take action AND write a check is even harder.

Part of the issue is Convenience. Over the past year, I've carefully watched marketers in all types of businesses. Those who achieve the greatest marketing success are those who make their message and their services very convenient for their prospects. Convenience is hugely important, especially in a world where no one has enough time.

For your marketing program to succeed, it must do all these things:

> Firmly establish your prospect's legal problem and its importance

> Offer solutions that only you can provide

> Prove that paying money to you is not a high cost -- but, instead, an essential and good investment -- in fact, the best investment they will ever make

> Clearly point out what people lose by not hiring you now!

Your marketing message must be air tight, without any holes. And you need effective ways to deliver your message to your prospects.

For marketing success, your marketing program must deliver a competent message that puts everything in the right perspective.


© Trey Ryder

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