Floss only between those teeth you want to keep

friday, 6 september of 2013

Floss only between those teeth you want to keep

by Linda Julian

No, it's not mandatory to floss between your teeth. Nor is it always comfortable or convenient. With your teeth in full view in the mirror, you'd see if there was a problem. Surely it isn't really necessary ? Some of our friends don't floss and one has 100% perfect teeth. Doesn't that prove it ?

But as your dentist will tell you, if you want to keep your teeth in good order and ultimately keep them -- regular flossing is vital. And so are periodic dental check-ups, early treatment for problems, and occasionally radical and invasive treatment when things are grim.

And so it is for professional business relationships with clients.

We might think that:

  • qualitative client research
  • in-depth "where are we up to" conversations with clients
  • periodic surveys
  • end-of-file assessments
  • independent "health checks" and audits
  • measuring service levels
  • dimensioning progress

..aren't necessary for us because we're pretty terrific already.

"I know my clients and what they think -- I see them all the time".

"My clients would tell me if something was wrong."

"They would be irritated if anyone wanted to ask them questions."

"I have strong relationships with clients -- all that other stuff might be necessary for those who don't."

However, regular "flossing", "check-ups", and "treatment" will make a big and positive difference to achieving healthy and sustainable long-term relationships.

Just like with your dental health, much is invisible until it's too late.

So, be brave and wise. Invest in preventive care programmes. Facilitate frequent frank and open exchanges to discern and address disappointments and problems.

Just as your dentist will expertly advise you to floss only between those teeth you wish to keep, we recommend prophylactic care of clients and valuable business relationships -- if you want to keep them.


© Trey Ryder

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