Crucial credentials

friday, 30 august of 2013

Crucial credentials

by Linda Julian

Prospective clients are skeptical -- probably sensibly so. Claims about your services which amount to advertising or hyperbole -- hype -- are easily and quickly dismissed.

Smart consumers examine available facts, evidence, and indicators to size up your credentials against their requirements and preferences.

Make it easy for them to decide that you have the crucial credentials by putting before them relevant and compelling facts, evidence, and indicators.


For the most part, facts like number of years your firm has been established, number of staff and offices, and memberships of international associations, make little impact.

Your qualifications, advanced academic distinctions, certifications, licences, accreditations, and admissions are foundation facts. For most business and corporate clients, these are "givens" and only a bare start rather than any significant factor in client choice.

If you have an "unrelated" qualification, show how it is (or might be) useful. For example, a lawyer with a first degree in health science, should be distinguished in their capacity to quickly understand medical reports, treatment histories, and so on. That same lawyer with a career history as an engineer or surveyor should be able to use this fact to establish credibility in the construction, development, planning and environment settings.

"Beyond the boundaries" qualifications can have impact.

Only rarely do facts about you and your firm do much to make your case without all-important evidence.


Usually, the best sources of evidence are:

-- lists of clients for whom you do similar work

-- details of successful projects comparable with what is contemplated on this occasion

-- testimonials and references from satisfied clients and experts

-- awards and accolades from respected sources

-- statistics on your achievements

-- case studies which bring your credentials to life

-- examples, sample work product, and reports

-- flowcharts and process maps which show how you'll do the work.


This category of credentials illustrates that you are a good fit and the right professional with whom to deal.

Powerful indicators that you are the right firm or professional may span:

-- your profile and reputation

-- word of mouth about you and your service

-- values and business behaviour

-- policies and procedures as an employer, supplier, purchaser, and corporate citizen

-- quality control procedures

-- your client service standards

-- green credentials

-- demonstrated understanding of the client, their business, and their expectations.

Credentials are crucial. Relying on facts alone is rarely enough. Present persuasive evidence, then make certain the indicators powerfully point to you as the right fit and best choice.

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