How to create content when you have nothing new to say

friday, 28 november of 2014

By Tom Trush

Real quick, let's solve a problem. It sounds something like this ..

"I don't have anything new to say" or "I don't know anything that my competitors don't already know."

Too often business owners and entrepreneurs fall back on these justifications when explaining why they don't create helpful content for prospects. They believe the information they share must be an original concept. 

But this is not the case. 

Keep in mind, you have a distinctive style when you present material. Your unique voice resonates with certain people, while others prefer an alternative source. 

In fact, even when you share identical concepts as your competitors, no two people take away the same ideas. 

For instance, look at late-night television. Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel both interview celebrity friends and offer humorous takes on pop culture. Both target the 18-49 demographic and have a knack for viral videos. And both use the Internet and social media to expand their audiences.

But, if you watch late-night television, you likely have a favorite. You prefer one over the other, right?

The fact is, the more you share helpful information, the more you attract the prospects you want. Prospects seek out people they like and trust. And by helping them, you prove you care about their needs -- not just the money you hope they bring you.

Your content offers a glimpse into your personality and perspective. When prospects like what you share, they naturally crave more.

This desire especially works to your advantage when you have big-brand competitors. Thanks to legal fears, many larger companies must deliver sterile, heavily scripted marketing messages that offer little feeling. 

You don't have this restriction. 

What's more, with common concepts, you have the freedom to add your own experiences. Or, to really attract attention, go against familiar claims. 

I used this strategy a few years ago with an article titled "Why a Website is a Worthless Investment." I received several responses from confused readers. With so many marketing experts touting the need for a website, why did I recommend something different?

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