friday, 1º september of 2006

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Law Firm Marketing

Midnight marketing reaches insomniacs and busy prospects

You never know when your prospect might have the time and desire to look for a lawyer. Smart marketers have their messages available 24 hours a day. Here are six ways you can deliver your marketing message even when you're not in your office.

1. Information Packet. Your packet of educational materials explains your prospect's problem and the solutions you can provide. You offer the information packet and send it to prospects on request. Your prospects can read your information whenever they have time.

2. Newsletter. Your monthly newsletter (or weekly e-mail alert) features important issues that interest your prospects and clients. Plus you can invite them to seminars, offer additional materials to clients' friends and colleagues, and reinforce urgency by pointing out the benefits of preventing legal problems and solving legal problems early, rather than allowing them to persist.

3. Advertising. Whether it's a display ad in the yellow pages -- or in a newspaper or magazine read by your target audience -- your message is there, available to your prospects any time of the day or night.

4. CDs and DVDs. One way you can make your seminar available at all hours is to offer your recorded presentation on a CD or DVD. Either way, your information is available when it is convenient for your prospect.

5. Web Site. A powerful way to offer your marketing message around the clock is to post your marketing materials and information on your Web site. You also have effective ways to generate interactions with prospects through e-mail and whatever other methods you offer.

6. Print Publicity. When articles appear in the print media -- such as newspapers, magazines and trade journals -- your prospects have the opportunity to read them day or night. And while the broadcast media have several advantages, once the message airs, it is gone forever. But not so when your message is in print. What's more, articles in trade and professional journals often end up on national and international databases where they are available for your prospects in the future.

The more ways you offer your marketing message, the more likely you are to reach prospects at times and places that are convenient for them. Don't wait for prospects to come into your office to begin delivering your message. Make it available so prospects can digest your information any time of the day or night.

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