Six newsletter mistakes lawyers make

friday, 19 january of 2007

Six newsletter mistakes lawyers make

By Trey Ryder

Mistake #1: Lawyers don't send newsletters often enough. For printed newsletters, monthly is essential. For electronic newsletters, weekly is best.

Mistake #2: Lawyers' newsletters contain too much information. Frequency is far more important than the amount of content. The newsletter's purpose is to support and reinforce your marketing message. You need to reinforce your message at least monthly; weekly is even better.

Mistake #3: The lawyers' photographs are usually poor. The most powerful marketing photographs are those where the lawyer is looking directly into the camera, showing a warm, engaging smile, with the photo closely cropped for strong eye contact.

Mistake #4: Lawyers' newsletters lack the personal connection. Any lawyer can send cold, impersonal information to clients and prospects. The skill comes in when a lawyer can make a personal connection - can create a relationship - between prospects and himself.

Mistake #5: Lawyers' newsletters do not invite prospects to interact with the lawyer. You can build all the credibility in the universe, yet if you and your prospects do not interact, they will never do business with you. Interaction is the critical marketing step most lawyers overlook.

Mistake #6: Lawyers' newsletters do not contain calls to action. The call to action is the sentence that tells your prospect exactly the action you want him to take. When prospects don't know the next step, they often do nothing.

© Trey Ryder

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