How to generate interactions with prospects?

friday, 14 september of 2007

How to generate interactions with prospects

by Trey Ryder

You could be the most trusted lawyer in your state.  You could write and publish dozens of articles.  You could appear on TV news interviews.  You could do everything right.  But if your phone doesn't ring, does anything else matter?

Without an interaction, you will never get to talk with your prospect.  Interactions don’t happen by accident; they happen by design.  Here are 12 ways to build interactions into your marketing program:

1.  Offer free written information (articles and brochures) that you will mail to prospects on request.

2.  Offer free initial phone consultations with prospects.  After you learn about your prospect’s case, you decide whether to invite him to your office for an in-depth conversation.

3.  Offer free peace-of-mind meetings to families after major life events, such as births, divorces and deaths.  This allows you to offer needed services to family members during transition.

4.  Invite prospects to educational seminars so you can interact with them in person.

5.  Invite prospects to take part in an internet discussion group, where you can respond to their questions.

6.  Invite prospects to a briefing at your office, perhaps a brown-bag update or an executive roundtable.

7.  Invite prospects to a seminar you conduct by phone or on the internet.

8.  Join networking groups that allow you to meet and respond to questions from prospects.

9.  Join a non-profit organization to develop relationships with prospects.

10.  Start your own non-profit organization designed to bring you into contact with prospects and referral sources.

11.  Start your own radio talk show and invite business and professional prospects onto your show as guests.  When I hosted a radio talk show, every professional I invited accepted my invitation with thanks and enthusiasm.

12.  Invite prospects to breakfast, lunch or dinner -- to a reception or party -- to play golf or take part in other sports.

Bottom line:  Don't overlook the interaction step in your marketing program.  It is the key to your success.  Without it, your marketing program fails.

© Trey Ryder

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