To seize attention, explain what you do in two key sentences

friday, 11 april of 2008

To seize attention, explain what you do in two key sentences

by Trey Ryder

If a prospect asks what you do for a living, can you tell him in one sentence?

In one sentence you should be able to tell a prospect what you do and highlight your major competitive advantage.

If a lawyer asks me, here’s what I say:  “I help lawyers attract new clients with dignity, without selling.”

“Lawyers” are my audience.  “Attract new clients with dignity” is the primary benefit my clients receive.  And “without selling” is the key competitive advantage that immediately sets me apart from consultants who use selling methods and teach sales skills, which I reject.

If my prospect asks “How?” I respond: “I use my unique method of Education-Based Marketing, which the American Marketing Association featured on the front page of its national publication, Marketing News.”

In the second sentence I establish my uniqueness, and bolster that uniqueness with the immediate credibility that comes from a front page newspaper article by the American Marketing Association.

If my prospect wants to learn how to attract new clients with dignity, my two sentences have seized his attention and he wants to know more.

Here’s your homework assignment:  Write two sentences that tell your story.  The first should be a specific statement that (1) identifies your audience, (2) identifies how your clients benefit from your services, and (3) identifies your key competitive advantage.  The second should be a supporting statement that backs up the claim in your first sentence and adds all the credibility you can put into one sentence.

Next:  Memorize those two sentences so they roll off your tongue whenever someone asks what you do.  Now when you respond, the person will know immediately what sets you apart from all other lawyers.

Last:  Congratulate yourself!  Many marketing programs don’t accomplish as much as you’ve achieved in only two sentences.


© Trey Ryder

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