July 13, 2011 nº 1,065 - Vol. 9

"The universe is wider than our views of it."

Henry David Thoreau


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  • Top News

U.S. law enforcement obtaining warrants to search Facebook profiles

U.S. law-enforcement agencies are increasingly obtaining warrants to search Facebook, often gaining detailed access to users' accounts without their knowledge. Since 2008, federal judges have authorized at least two-dozen warrants to search individuals' Facebook accounts. Many of the warrants requested a laundry list of personal data such as messages, status updates, links to videos and photographs, calendars of future and past events, "Wall postings" and "rejected Friend requests." Federal agencies seeking the warrants include the FBI, DEA and ICE, and the investigations range from arson to rape to terrorism. The Facebook search warrants typically demand a user's "Neoprint" and "Photoprint" -- terms that Facebook has used to describe a detailed package of profile and photo information that is not even available to users themselves. These terms appear in manuals for law enforcement agencies on how to request data from Facebook. The manuals, posted on various public-advocacy websites, appear to have been prepared by Facebook, although a spokesman for the company declined to confirm their authenticity. Federal agencies were granted at least 11 warrants to search Facebook since the beginning of 2011, nearly double the number for all of 2010. The precise number of warrants served on Facebook is hard to determine, in part because some records are sealed, and warrant applications often involve unusual case names.

Law firm's iPhone app helps employers calculate unfair dismissal costs

A Scottish law firm is providing its human resources clients with an iPhone app to help answer questions about employment law. The HR Advisor app calculates unfair dismissal costs, provides answers to questions about topics such as maternity and paternity leave and links to helpful government websites. "We have listened very carefully to our HR clients and have developed a practical, useful and relevant app," says employment law partner Graham Mitchell of MacRoberts.

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1 - More litigants taking on Merck - click here.

2 - Disabled traveller David Joya sues Aeromexico for allegedly breaking his leg - click here.

3 - Bank declares living woman dead - click here.

4 - US jobs numbers suggest 'soft patch' may get stickier - click here.

5 - Brazil's 'magnet boy': latest in a series of attractive stories - click here.

6 - Michigan woman Cheryl Gray sues Wylie Iwan, claims he broke her heart during Facebook relationship - click here.

7 - Pfizer sues Apotex in U.S. over generic version of Lyrica nerve-pain drug - click here.


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  • MiMIC Journal

Province wants relaxation of China's one-child policy

China's richest and most populous province has asked the central government to relax the law that restricts most families to one child. Guangdong, in south-east China, wants to lead a pilot project that will allow some families to have a second child, according to state media. The one-child policy has been in effect for 30 years and is facing growing criticism.


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  • Historia Verdadera


La española Repsol comenzó a vender parte de sus acciones de YPF en la Bolsa porteña –Buenos Aires- con el objetivo de completar la reducción de su cuota en esa empresa, que hasta ayer era del 58,23%, hasta 51%.. La compañía se desprendió de un 0,50% de YPF a cambio de US$ 351,4 mlls. (Presione aquí)


El presidente Juan Manuel Santos sancionó este martes una nueva ley anticorrupción, un paquete de 135 normas que buscan detener los galopantes y continuos escándalos de robo de dinero público. (Presione aquí)


Nestlé compró el 60% de la confitera Hsu Fu Chi- Internacional por US$1.700 mlls. .. Nestlé pagó cerca de 3,3 veces el valor de las ventas por esta participación en la firma asiática, en contraste con el pago de 2,4 veces el total de las ventas que el grupo estadounidense KraftFoods erogó por la dulcera británica Cadbury.

  • Brief News

Brazil bullet train project fails to attract bidders

An auction to build a major high-speed rail link between Brazil's two main cities, Sao Paulo and Rio, has failed to attract any bidders. The rail link is a key infrastructure project for Rousseff's government, made even more important with Rio set to host the 2016 Olympics. Bidding for the project, estimated to cost 38bn reais ($24bn), will now be split into two stages. Foreign firms had found it difficult to form a consortium with Brazilian companies, a condition of the bidding process.

Carrefour shares fall on deal worries

Shares in French supermarket giant Carrefour have fallen as much as 4.6% amid reports that a merger deal in Brazil may have stalled. Brazil's government is said to have withdrawn its financial and political support for a controversial tie-up between retailer Pao de Acucar and the local unit of Carrefour. The deal depended on financing from Brazil's BNDES state development bank. Carrefour's French rival Casino has strongly opposed the merger. The two French companies, along with America's Wal-Mart, are competing vigorously in Brazil's fast-growing grocery market.

Wikileaks' Assange in extradition challenge

Lawyers representing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have asked the High Court to block his extradition to Sweden on sexual assault allegations. They claim his arrest warrant was "flawed" as it failed to fairly describe the claims against him. They said Assange was a victim of a "mismatch" between English and Swedish law on what constituted a sex crime. Assange says the case is politically motivated, as his website has leaked a mass of sensitive US diplomatic cables.

EU court ruling 'blow' for eBay

Websites such as eBay may be liable for trademark infringements if they play an "active role" in promoting fake goods, the European Court of Justice says.

'Sister Wives' family to challenge anti-bigamy law

The Brown family has become a reality TV star on the show Sister Wives. Now, the 21-member nuclear family is poised to file a lawsuit in federal court in Utah. The family members say the state's anti-bigamy law is unconstitutional and that the Supreme Court backs them up.

Indiana latest US state to drop handwriting requirement

Indiana is the latest US state which will not require its schoolchildren to learn joined-up, or cursive, writing. But students will have to learn basic typing skills, which education officials say are more useful in the modern employment world. The move is part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which aims to ensure consistency in US education and makes no mention of handwriting. Critics say writing well is a vital skill for life and builds character.

Jewish rights groups appeal to Israel Supreme Court over boycott ban

A coalition of Israeli rights groups led by Gush Shalom filed a challenge Tuesday in the Supreme Court of Israel to a new law banning boycotts to Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The Israeli Knesset passed the law Monday making it illegal to boycott the West Bank settlements and its products in protest of further settlements in the contested region. The challenge argues that the law harms democracy by silencing people who have a certain position and violates the freedom of expression and right to equality.

Germany appeals court upholds conviction of UK bishop for Holocaust denial

The Regensberg Court of Appeals in southern Germany on Monday upheld the conviction of British Bishop Richard Williamson for incitement for denying the Holocaust. The court reduced his punishment, however, to a fine of 6,500 euro from the initial 10,000 euro fine as a result of Williamson's financial circumstances. The conviction stemmed from an interview to Swedish TV channel SVT1, broadcast in January 2009, in which Williamson said he doubted that six million Jews were killed in gas chambers. The interview was rebroadcast over the Internet in Germany, where Holocaust denial is a crime. When Williamson gave the interview to the Swedish TV channel he asked the crew not to broadcast the interview in Germany. In 2009, the same court issued a 12,000 euro fine against Williamson in connection with this case, but Williamson contested the decision, forcing the public trial. The lifting of Williamson's excommunication following the conviction by Pope Benedict XVI caused international outrage.

Closing the tax loophole on speculators

Futures contracts, which are essentially bets on the price of commodities, stock indexes and the like, receive more favorable U.S. tax treatment than stocks.

Civil suit against Strauss-Kahn still viable: experts

The question has floated tantalizingly in the background for nearly two months, ever since New York City police arrested Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel maid: Would his accuser pursue her own civil suit against him? The answer took on renewed relevance after serious doubts about the woman's credibility pushed the criminal case against the former International Monetary Fund director to the edge of collapse earlier this month. Civil litigators say the accuser, whose account of what happened has remained steadfast, would still have viable civil claims against Strauss-Kahn even if the criminal charges against him are dismissed. But any judgment against him would prove difficult to enforce if the prosecution ends and he returns home to Paris. There is no shortage of examples where civil lawsuits proceeded after criminal prosecutions of the same incidents failed.

Apple chief patent lawyer to leave

Apple Inc's chief patent counsel will soon leave the company, at a time when the iPhone maker is fighting numerous legal battles around the world, according to a source familiar with the situation. Apple is engaged in an expanding web of litigation concerning smartphone patents, mostly with phone makers using Google's rival Android software. It was unclear why Richard "Chip" Lutton Junior, who manages the iPhone maker's patent portfolio, is leaving the company.

Obama says he cannot guarantee Social Security checks will go out on August 3

Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing the deficit in the coming weeks.

Amazon fights sales-tax law

Earlier this month, Amazon.com Inc. cut ties with 10,000 small firms in California after the state passed a bill requiring sales tax on Internet purchases. Small firms in California expressed worry that their business would fall substantially and, as a result, they would have to shrink operations and lay off employees. But the story is still unfolding. Amazon filed a petition Friday to start the process of getting a measure on the California ballot that would overturn the law.

Dr Pepper vs. Dr Pepper in court

Tiny Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Co. has been selling the sweet-tasting Dr Pepper soft drink from this small town since 1891. A handful of diehard fans love the soda so much they regularly make pilgrimages to the rural community, and some buy the cane-sugar-sweetened "Dublin Dr Pepper" off the Internet. Now the world's oldest Dr Pepper bottler is locked in an escalating dispute with the owner of the Dr Pepper brand over modern-day trademark rights, Internet sales and cane sugar as it tries to extend its reach across the country. Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc., which owns the brand and licenses territory to Dublin Dr Pepper, sued the bottler, with sales of $7bn a year, in late June. Dr Pepper Snapple—the third-largest U.S. soda company, with revenue of $5.6bn last year—says Dublin Dr. Pepper is diluting the Dr Pepper brand, as well as stealing sales from other Dr Pepper bottlers by selling outside its approved territory. In a lawsuit filed in a federal court in Sherman, Texas, Dr Pepper Snapple Group is demanding the bottler remove "Dublin'' from its "Dr Pepper'' labels and stop selling the soda beyond a 44-mile radius around Dublin.

Citigroup faces lawsuit on foreclosure

A sergeant in Texas's National Guard sued Citigroup, alleging the bank foreclosed on and auctioned his home while he was in training to deploy to Iraq, a possible violation of a law meant to protect military borrowers.

Shareholders sue News Corp. over phone-hacking allegations

A group of News Corp. shareholders led by Amalgamated Bank filed an amended complaint in Delaware yesterday, accusing the media company of a "complete failure" of oversight in connection with phone-hacking allegations involving the News of the World.

  • Daily Press Review

South Korea's Pyeongchang awarded 2018 Winter Olympics
Al Arabiya, Online news, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Karzai's brother shot dead in Kandahar
Al Jazeera, Doha, Qatar

Brother's murder huge setback to Karzai
Arab News, Pro-government, Jidda, Saudi Arabia

French PM: Political solution in Libya taking shape
Egyptian Gazette, English-language, Cairo, Egypt

IAF strikes Gaza weapons manufacturing sites in response to rocket attacks
Haaretz, Liberal daily, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sinai gas pipeline hit for fourth time this year
JPost, Conservative, Jerusalem, Israel

Hamas: Abbas obstructing reconciliation deal over PM
Ma'an News Agency, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories

Syria accuses Clinton of incitement
Times of Oman, English-language daily, Muscat, Oman

Menas leading funds maintain top ranking in first quarter
Times of Oman Business, English-language daily, Muscat, Oman

Yemen's defected army kills citizen 'peacefully'
Yemen Observer, Sana'a, Republic of Yemen

Hacking police round on news firm
BBC News, Centrist newscaster, London, England

Murdoch summoned over phone hacking
CNN International, London, England

First ladies lead tributes to Ford
Daily Express, Conservative tabloid, London, England

Google-style online maps in real-time video: Are you ready for your close up?
Daily Mail, Conservative daily, London, England

UK parliament bids to scupper Murdoch media deal
EuroNews, International news, Ecully Cedex, France

FRANCE: French parliament votes to extend Libyan military action
France 24, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

WikiLeaks' Assange appeals UK extradition ruling
Hurriyet Daily News, (Liberal, English-language), Istanbul, Turkey

US drone strikes kill 48 suspected militants in Pakistan
Independent The, London, England

Aeroflot compensation claims at an end
Moscow News The, Independent, Moscow, Russia

Obama to attend Asia Summit in Bali: State Dept
Antara News, News agency, Jakarta, Indonesia

SET up 0.83% at opening
Bangkok Post, Independent, Bangkok, Thailand

Eurozone changes position to accepting possible Greek default
China Post, English-language daily, Taipei, Taiwan

SAP to argue for new trial in Oracle lawsuit
Computer World, IT information, Fairfax, New Zealand

Talk of drift, corruption is propaganda: Manmohan
Hindu The, Left-leaning daily, Chennai, India

British parliament to urge Murdoch to drop BSkyB bid
Hindustan Times, New Delhi, India

Winners and losers from the Cabinet rejig
India Express, News portal, Mumbai, India

Strict waste management plan launched
India Times, Conservative daily, New Delhi, India

11 dead as Kandahar clashes enter 2nd day
Pajhwok Afghan News, (Independent news agency), Kabul, Afghanistan

Syria slashes U.S. Secretary of State's statement
People's Daily Online, English-language, Beijing, China

Vote set on Israeli settlement boycott bill
Sify News, Chennai, India

UK government turns against Murdoch BSkyB bid
Straits Times, Pro-government, Singapore

Taiwan shifts into high gear with electric vehicles
Taiwan Today, Government Information Office, Taipei, Taiwan

Five of family die in Uttar Pradesh accident
Thaindian News, Bangkok, Thailand

China bank lending picks up; fans risk of further rate hike
The Economic Times, Business, Mumbai, India

US report proposes overhaul of nuclear rules
Times of India, Conservative, New Delhi, India

Canada Post pleads for patience over backlog
Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto, Ontario

'Your check is in the mail', Foreign Relations Ministry tells its workers
Dominican Today, Independent daily, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Globe reporter Graeme Smith recalls his time with Ahmed Wali Karzai
Globe and Mail The, Centrist daily, Toronto, Canada

Europe and tech push Wall Street to 3rd day of losses
Reuters, Business News, New York, U.S

China's Jiang 'rested at home' during death rumours - report
Reuters, World News, New York, U.S

RIM facing challenges, CEOs tell shareholders
Toronto Star, Toronto, Ontario

Police plan five-day sickout
Trinidad Guardian, Independent daily, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

William and Kate return home after royal tour
Vancouver Sun The, Conservative, Vancouver, Canada

Thousands flee Nigerian attacks
BBC News, Centrist newscaster, London, England

TEIN Legon salutes president Mills
GhanaWeb, Online news portal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Afghan kingpin killed
iafrica, Online news portal, Cape Town, South Africa

Blue Nile governor warns resumption of war in Sudan
Sudan Tribune, Khartoum, Sudan


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