February 10, 2017 nº 1,837 - Vol. 14

"Intelligence is not to make no mistakes, but quickly to see how to make them good."

Bertolt Brecht

In today's Law Firm Marketing, The billboard game that can help you write powerful headlines


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  • Top News

May's Brexit law faces Lords challenge after passing Lower House

UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces a fresh challenge to a law allowing her to trigger Brexit after the opposition Labour Party said it’ll propose eight amendments when the legislation is debated in the House of Lords later this month. Labour peers will seek to enshrine in the law a parliamentary vote on May’s final deal with her European counterparts on the terms of the country’s departure from the EU, the party said in an e-mailed statement on Thursday. While the government pledged to grant such a vote during the bill’s passage through the House of Commons, it hasn’t detailed it in the bill. Seven other amendments would cover a range of other matters, from Britain’s membership of Euratom, a nuclear cooperation agreement, to the rights of EU citizens resident in Britain. “The Lords, as always, will challenge and scrutinize legislation put before us and if necessary we will pass amendments on issues where we wish the Commons to take another look,” Angela Smith, Labour’s leader in the Lords, said in the statement. “We will not be cowed by threats of abolition or flooding the place with hundreds of new Tory peers. The stakes are too high and we will do our duty.” The Labour proposals are another hurdle for May as she seeks to formally trigger two years of Brexit talks by the end of March. The bill can’t become law until both houses of Parliament have approved it, so if the Lords amends it, it must return to the Commons. While some of the amendments seek only to enshrine May’s stated goals, she’s trying to avoid having her hands tied by the legislation. The government’s 137-word bill passed through the lower chamber unscathed this week, as May marshaled her slim majority to ensure none of the more than 250 amendments proposed by opposition parties were accepted. Now, the government must negotiate passage of the law through the unelected Lords, where May’s Conservative Party is the biggest grouping but falls well short of a majority (252 out of 805 peers). (Click here)

  • Crumbs

1 - Reckitt Benckiser to buy Mead Johnson for $16.6 billion - click here.

2 - French man sues Uber at 45 mi euros - click here.

3 - Twitter quarterly loss widens to $167m - click here.

4 - Jeff Sessions confirmed as attorney general - click here.


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  • MiMIC Journal

Trump backs One China policy in 'cordial' call with Xi

Trump has agreed to honor the so-called "One China" policy in a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The One China policy is the diplomatic acknowledgement that there is only one Chinese government. Trump had placed the long-standing policy in doubt when he spoke with Taiwan's president in December. China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province to be reunified with the mainland.

  • Law Firm Marketing

The billboard game that can help you write powerful headlines
By Tom Trush

When you were a kid, did you ever make up games while riding in the back seat on long road trips?

Maybe you looked for license plates from as many states as possible ... searched for a name on an object that began with each letter of the alphabet ... or slugged your sibling every time you saw a Volkswagen Beetle.

Last summer I racked up many highway miles during our family's mega Midwest vacation. All this time on the road gave me a chance to create new games -- this time from the driver's seat.

The latest one involves billboards.

What I do is read billboards and then try to determine what they're promoting. When I find one that gets my attention, I take note because you can almost always adapt the content for a powerful, eyeball-grabbing headline.

It amazes me, however, how many times you can't figure out a company's product or service from the words used on its billboard. After all, like any advertising or marketing piece, you have only a split second to seize a prospect's attention on a billboard.

Below are four billboard headlines that left me confused. Can you match each headline to the appropriate company (the answers are at the end of this article)?

1. Put Your Ducks in a Row
2. The Place to Go for Answers
3. Join Us Out Here
4. Screwed or Just Celebrating

A. Leinenkugel Brewing Company
B. Link Billboards
C. SeniorBrigade.com
D. DivorceNetwork.com

The importance of a headline in any marketing or advertising piece can't be ignored because it's the only information most of your audience reads. If you don't communicate the biggest benefits of your product or service in your headlines, then there's little chance prospects will see anything else in your promotional materials.

Headline Answers: 1. B 2. C 3. A 4. D

Tom Trush is available at http://www.writewaysolutions.com


© Trey Ryder
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  • Historia Verdadera

Paso atrás

La compañía Nisshinbo abandonó su proyecto de instalar una planta de autopartes en México por las amenazas del presidente de EE.UU., Donald Trump. Nisshinbo Holdings, una compañía que cotiza en el Nikkei-225 de la bolsa de Tokio, estaba estudiando instalar en México una planta para construir frenos de coche, una inversión valorada en unos US$ 89 mlls.


La embotelladora mexicana Arca Continental llegó a un acuerdo definitivo con The Coca-Cola Company para ser la embotelladora exclusiva de una franquicia en el suroeste de Estados Unidos, territorio en que se incluyen nueve plantas de producción. Los territorios en que operará son: Estado de Texas, Oklahoma, Nuevo México y Arkansas. Para implementar el acuerdo, AC aportará su negocio de bebidas, que tiene presencia en México, Argentina, Perú y Ecuador. Además, Coca Cola Refreshments, una subsidiaria de The Coca-Cola Company, aportará al negocio 100% del capital de Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, una sociedad norteamericana que tendrá el derecho exclusivo para embotellar, distribuir, y comercializar en Texas y el resto de los territorios, el portafolio de bebidas de las marcas de TCCC. Asimismo será propietaria de los activos de la operación en este negocio en EE.UU.


La empresa multinacional Uber desembarcó en La Paz, Bolivia, con una tajante prohibición del gobierno municipal de la sede de gobierno, que empezó a aplicar sanciones a sus conductores. Al menos tres vehículos de Uber fueron sancionados con unos 15 dólares, de multa, y el decomiso de sus placas. El alcalde de La Paz, Luis Revilla, dijo que Uber no puede operar porque, más allá de ser un servicio por la internet, es un servicio de transporte de pasajeros y, por tanto, tiene que estar sujeto a una reglamentación que en este momento no existe.

  • Brief News

Trump loses appeal court bid to reinstate travel ban

A US federal appeals court has rejected President Donald Trump's attempt to reinstate his ban on citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals said it would not block a ruling by a Seattle court that halted the order. Trump responded with an angry tweet saying national security was at risk and there would be a legal challenge. It was unclear whether he intended to file an appeal to the Supreme Court or keep fighting the case in Seattle. In its 3-0 unanimous ruling on Thursday, the appeals court said the government had not proved the terror threat justified reviving the ban. The ruling means that people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen with visas can continue to enter the US, and refugees from around the world, who were also subject to a temporary ban, are no longer blocked either. However, the ruling does not affect one part of Trump's controversial executive order: a cap of 50,000 refugees to be admitted in the current fiscal year, down from the ceiling of 110,000 established under his predecessor. (Click here)

Germany warns the City over Brexit risk

One of Germany's most senior banking regulators has warned London that it is likely to lose its role as "the gateway to Europe" for vital financial services. Andreas Dombret, executive board member for the German central bank, the Bundesbank, said that even if banking rules were "equivalent" between the UK and the rest of the European Union, that was "miles away from access to the single market". Dombret's comments were made at a private meeting of German businesses and banks. They give a clear - and rare - insight into Germany's approach as Britain starts the process of leaving the European Union.

Investing in the pain of student debt is a tough but tempting play

Seeing $1.4 trillion in student debt as a market liability, some analysts and hedge funds are betting on defaults. But it’s a tricky trade.

Texas senate approves bill targeting 'sanctuary cities'

The Texas Senate approved a bill on Wednesday that would effectively ban so-called sanctuary cities, requiring cities to be in compliance with federal immigration law. SB 4 would require law enforcement in cities and on college campuses to hold an arrested person in custody until immigration officials look into their immigration status. It would also allow victims of crimes to sue local officials who release immigrants suspected of being in the country without documentation.

Merkel seeks to ramp up failed asylum seeker deportations

Merkel is set to unveil plans to significantly increase deportations of failed asylum seekers. The measures include allowing access to asylum seekers' phones and Sim cards to verify their identities and increasing the amount paid to voluntary returnees. Migration has become a heavily politicized issue in Germany ahead of elections later this year.

Tribe files legal challenge to Dakota Access Pipeline

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe on Thursday filed a legal challenge in the US District Court for the District of Columbia in an attempt to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). On Wednesday, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) officially granted an easement to the DAPL developer. The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, which was already part of a lawsuit filed in July against the DAPL with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, filed one motion seeking a temporary restraining order to immediately stop construction around Lake Oahe while the original lawsuit is pending, as well as adding a freedom of religion claim by stating that it "will desecrate the waters" that are used for religious practices.

Wall Street Journal a bright spot as News Corp reports loss

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has reported a loss for the three months to December, amid a difficult environment for print advertising. The group made a loss of $219m compared with the same time last year when profits were $106m. However, a growing demand for "accurate and timely journalism" was helping to lift subscriber numbers for some of its news outlets, it said. News Corp gets more than half its revenue from outside the US. The firm's chief executive Robert Thomson said The Wall Street Journal now had more than 2.1 million paid subscribers and that for the first time, more than 50% of those subscribers were digital.

Fillon lawyers demand dropping of payments probe

Lawyers for French center-right presidential candidate Francois Fillon have called on prosecutors to drop a preliminary investigation against him. They said it violated the democratic principle of the separation of powers for the judiciary to investigate MPs. Fillon's campaign has been dogged by claims, which he denies, that his wife and two of his children were paid for non-existent parliamentary work. He has apologized, but some in his party feel he should quit the race.

Mississippi house approves bill allowing firing squad executions

The Mississippi House of Representatives approved a bill Wednesday that would allow execution by firing squad, nitrogen gas or electrocution if the current method of execution, lethal injection, is deemed unconstitutional by a court. The legislation outlines a process wherein nitrogen gas is the first alternative, followed by the firing squad, then electrocution. Various cases across state courts have raised issues with the drug protocol used in lethal injections. The last time Mississippi executed an inmate was 2012 as it has not been able to obtain the drugs to carry out executions. There are currently 47 inmates on death row, with some being on the list for decades. The bill now moves to the Senate for debate.

Uber vows to fight in Denmark after law tightened

The Danish branch of the ride-sharing service Uber says it will stay in Denmark to "fight" after the government proposed toughening standards for cabs. said the proposal demanding cabs and cars for hire must have seat occupancy sensors and meters, was a blow "not only for Uber but also Denmark as a whole." The proposal was backed by a majority in Parliament and presented Thursday. No date for the vote was announced. Danish prosecutors say Uber — banned in several countries and cities in Europe — is akin to an illegal taxi service and a court ruling is pending on the company's services.

Federal judge blocks insurance merger

A judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Wednesday issued an order to enjoin the proposed merger of health insurance giant Anthem and Cigna. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) sued to halt the merger in July on the grounds that the acquisition of Cigna would "substantially lessen" the competition in the health insurance market. Anthem plans to appeal, while Cigna said it would evaluate its options. The court's order is temporarily under seal. (Click here)

Alibaba alleges false accusations over fake good

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding accused companies of lodging what it said were spurious complaints about fake goods and other intellectual-property violations on its online shopping platforms.


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