June 30, 2017 nº 1,880 - Vol. 14

"People are ridiculous only when they try or seem to be that which they are not."

Giacomo Leopardi

In today´s Law Firm Marketing, the 2 most critical elements in a marketing relationship


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1 - U.S. unveils enhanced airline security plan to avoid laptop ban - click here.


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The CBMA - Centro Brasileiro de Mediação e Arbitragem will promote, on August 10 and 11, the CBMA´S II International Conference on Arbitration, at Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro/RJ. The event´s theme of this year is "The arbitration procedure - The good, the bad and the useful". (Click here)

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US State Department downgrades China to lowest rating in human trafficking report

In the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report released on Tuesday, the US State Department downgraded China to Tier 3, which is the lowest tier for human trafficking. Tier 3 represents "countries whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards and are not making significant efforts to do so. China joins 22 other countries in the tier, including Russia, North Korea and Syria. China was last in Tier 3 in 2013, being located in Tier 2 Watch List in 2014-2016.

US seeks to keep closer tabs on Chinese money in America

Laws sought by Trump administration officials and some politicians would overhaul how the United States vets deals, especially ones with technological and military ramifications.

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The 2 most critical elements in a marketing relationship
By Tom Trush

How you´re perceived when marketing to your prospects comes down to two factors.

Neither one has anything to do with experience... schooling... years in business... location... skill level... budget... or technical knowledge.

Instead, the two most critical elements in a marketing relationship are the frequency of your interaction and the value of your communication.

Simply put, you must contact your prospects often and give them information they view as valuable.

Think of the courtship process in marketing as being similar to your relationship with your spouse or significant other. It´s safe to assume the connection you have now isn´t the same as when you met for the first time.

Your relationship took time to develop, right?

In the case of a marketing campaign, the common mistake is trying to rush the relationship by initiating contact only when you have something to sell.

Can you imagine the relationship you´d have with your spouse or significant other if the only time you talked to him/her was when you sought out personal gain? You don´t have to be Dr. Phil to realize your "relationship" would sour quickly.

The reality is people are more likely to buy from you after you´ve gained their trust and established a relationship -- outcomes that require time and frequent contact.

Make sense?

The bottom line is you must prove to your prospects you care about their needs before you´ll have any success pitching your product or service.

When I tell people how often I e-mail my list, I often get surprised responses. Many find it shocking that I put my marketing message in front of the same prospects and customers at least once or twice a week.

The questions usually sound something like...

"Don´t your subscribers get upset?"

"Aren´t you worried about people ignoring you?"

"Do you get a lot of people unsubscribing from your list?"

The foundation of any personal relationship is figuring out what the other person wants -- and then helping them achieve that outcome. In the case of my e-mails, my primary goal is to give you information you can immediately use in your business.

As a result, rarely do prospects unsubscribe or get upset when they see my e-mails.

Of course, I´ll occasionally offer opportunities to buy something. But that happens only after I´ve spent time developing relationships and delivering value.


Tom Trush is available at http://www.writewaysolutions.com


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  • Historias Verdaderas


La justicia de México favoreció a la operadora de TV paga Cablevisión, en un proceso para detener la venta de dispositivos streaming de video Roku en el país. Se argumentó que este tipo de equipos son hackeados para permitir a los usuarios ver canales "piratas". (Presione aquí)


El gobierno de Evo Morales anuló un millonario contrato con las empresas europeas: Tecnimont, Italia, y su socia Técnicas Reunidas, España, para la construcción de una planta petroquímica por US$ 2,200 mlls. (Presione aquí)


Riverstone Holdings y Miguel Galuccio, ex director general de la petrolera estatal argentina YPF, planean levantar unos US$500 mlls. en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores mediante un nuevo vehículo diseñado para adquirir empresas. Vista Oil & Gas, la primera Empresa de Adquisición con Propósito Especial, SPAC, en registrarse en México, planea usar los recursos de una oferta prevista para julio para adquirir activos de exploración y producción de hidrocarburos en Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y México, según inversionistas.


La mexicana Sigma Alimentos, una subsidiaria del conglomerado industrial Alfa, que cubre el área de alimentos, adquirió en Perú la Sociedad Suizo Peruana de Embutidos, SUPEMSA, productora de embutidos y carnes frías. No se reveló el monto de la operación. La empresa cuenta con más de 25 años en operación a través de marcas locales reconocidas como Otto Kunz y La Segoviana, en 2016 generó ventas por US$54,2 mlls.

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Trump travel ban comes into effect

People from six mainly Muslim countries and all refugees now face tougher US entry due to President Donald Trump´s controversial travel ban. It means people without close family or business relationships in the US could be denied visas and barred entry. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces are not considered to be "bona fide" relations. The rules apply to people in Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, as well as all refugees. (Click here)

Germany set for snap gay marriage vote

German MPs are expected to vote to legalize same-sex marriage, days after Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her opposition to the idea. The reform would give gay men and lesbians full marital rights, and allow them to adopt children. At present, German same-sex couples are limited to civil unions.

Venezuela bars prosecutor from travel

Venezuela´s Supreme Court has banned the attorney general from leaving the country and frozen all of her assets. The court, which is dominated by government loyalists, said Luisa Ortega Díaz had committed serious errors. Ortega, once a staunch government ally, broke ranks in March when she said an attempt by the Supreme Court to strip the opposition-controlled Congress of its powers was unlawful. Critics believe President Nicolás Maduro is trying to push Ortega out. She faces a hearing on 4 July - some analysts say she may eventually be put on trial. The move comes amid growing political turmoil in Venezuela. According to reports, the accusations against her refer to the appointment of judges.

Bitcoin accepted at New York pre-school

The head of two Montessori schools in New York won´t let parents pay by credit card - but he is accepting Bitcoin. Marco Ciocca, co-founder and chairman of the Montessori Schools in Flatiron & Soho, added the option in June, after growing inquiries from parents. The decision comes as an increasing number of places - including universities in London and Greece - take the digital currency as payment. Bitcoin is a digital currency that was first used in the real world in 2010. As acceptance has grown, so has its value. Bitcoin´s worth has more than doubled since the start of the year and tops $2,500 today

EU appeals WTO decision in Boeing dispute

The EU has appealed against a recent World Trade Organization ruling in favor of the US over its state aid for Boeing. Earlier this month a WTO dispute panel found the US had dealt with all but one of the instances of illegal subsidies to the aerospace giant. But Airbus maintains the US continues to offer unfair support. The fight is part of a 13-year dispute between the EU and the US over support offered to Boeing and Europe´s Airbus. In 2012, the WTO found that state and federal programs provided Boeing with billions of dollars in illegal subsidies. On 9 June the WTO´s dispute panel found most of those issues had been addressed. However, generous tax benefits offered by the state of Washington, where Boeing has a large presence and which are worth an estimated $800m to date, continue.

House Intelligence committee threatens White House with subpoena

The two lawmakers leading the committee´s Russia investigation said Thursday that they aren´t satisfied with President Trump´s response to its request regarding former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump picks Republican lawyer for FCC Commissioner seat

Trump will name former telecom attorney and current FCC lawyer Brendan Carr to serve as a commissioner. He is expected to back Chairman Ajit Pai´s efforts to undo net neutrality rules.

Dutch court rules Netherlands partially responsible for deaths of 300 Muslim men during Bosnian War

The Hague Appeals Court on Tuesday upheld a lower court´s decision that Dutch peacekeepers were 30 percent responsible for the deaths of 300 Muslim males who were turned away from a Dutch UN base in 1995 when the area surrounding the base was overrun with Bosnian Serb troops.

Canada Supreme Court rules Google must remove website from its global search results

The Supreme Court of Canada upheld an order on Wednesday that directed Google to block a company´s website from is global search results. The ruling stems from a suit brought by a small technology company, Equustek Solutions Inc, who asserted that Datalink Technologies Gateways had committed copyright infringement by relabeling and selling one of Equustek´s products as their own. Equustek requested that Google remove search results for Datalink until the pending case was resolved. Google removed the search results, including some 300 pages associated with Datalink, but only from the Canadian version of their search engine. (Click here)

All-clear for big banks raises fears of a return to risk

The Federal Reserve´s passing grade for all 34 institutions, the first all-clear since tests began, will have major consequences. The first: Surging bank stocks.

France promises English-law contracts after Brexit

France will set up a special court to handle English-law cases for financial contracts after Britain leaves the European Union, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Thursday as Paris steps up its charm offensive to attract banks. In a roadshow in New York where he was meeting Wall Street banks, Le Maire said France no longer considered finance an enemy, in a dig to his Socialist predecessor. Most loan and derivative contracts in Europe are written in English law, but Britain´s exit from the European Union raises problems about how they would be enforced outside of Britain.

Tort lawyers take over the American Law Institute

You´ve probably never heard of the American Law Institute, but since 1923 the Philadelphia-based organization has exercised more influence on judge-made common law than any other private institution. Now the ALI is changing its mission in ways that should trouble every business, consumer and taxpayer in America. The ALI´s website explains that it was founded by a group of judges, lawyers and professors troubled by a "general dissatisfaction with the administration of justice" and an "uncertainty" that "stemmed in part from a lack of agreement on fundamental principles of the common law" across states. The institute sought "to promote the clarification and simplification of the law and its better adaptation to social needs, to secure the better administration of justice, and to encourage and carry on scholarly and scientific legal work."

Germany to social networks: delete hate speech faster or face fines

German lawmakers are set to pass some of the most aggressive online regulations in the West, fining social-media companies up to $57 million if they don´t quickly delete hate speech, libel and other illegal content. (Click here)

Global law firm DLA Piper faces disruptions after cyberattack

DLA Piper, which commands thousands of lawyers across dozens of countries and represents some of the largest companies, has been at a virtual standstill for more than two days after the "Petya" ransomware attack.


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