Novel way of breaking deadlock

Sex strike urged to end political deadlock in Belguim

A Belgian senator has suggested a novel way of breaking the country's nearly eight-month political deadlock.

Marleen Temmerman told the De Morgen newspaper that negotiators should abstain from having sex until a new coalition government was formed.

The socialist politician, who is also a renowned gynecologist, said she was inspired by her time in Kenya.

"After a year of talking, women's movements called on the negotiators' wives to stop having sex until an agreement was reached. A week later, a deal was on the table," she said.

The idea has even older precedents. Ms Temmerman also cited the ancient Greek text Lysistrata by the playwright and philosopher Aristophanes, which describes a successful sex strike mounted by women to end the war between Athens and Sparta.

"You never know," she said. "It's much better than being cynical."

Belgium's King Albert II last week tasked caretaker Finance Minister Didier Reynders with finding a way to end the wrangling between Flemish and French-speaking parties, which has blocked the formation of a stable government since a June 13, 2010 election.

(Published by Herald Sun - February 08, 2011)

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