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Nokia files patent infringement suit against HTC


Nokia files patent infringement suit against HTC

Finnish telecommunications company Nokia filed suit against Taiwanese company HTC Thursday for selling products in the US that infringe Nokia's patents on mobile technology. Three patents in question involve program products typically used in hand sets for a mobile phone. Thursday's suit brings the total number of Nokia patents being asserted against HTC in courts around the world to 50.

Nokia has a long history of holding other companies accountable in the courts. HTC finds itself across the aisle from Nokia with Apple, Rhythm in Motion (known for their Blackberry products), the German law firm IPCom GmbH & Co, amongst others. For example, In March 2011 Nokia announced that it had filed complaints against Apple with the US International Trade Commission (ITC). That complaint alleged that Apple violated seven patents regarding various technological devices and their operating systems. Previous to that announcement, Nokia and Apple had both sued each other over more than 20 patents in more than four countries.

(Published by Jurist – May 24, 2013)

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