monday, 7 april of 2014

Egypt passes new anti-terrorism law


Egypt passes new anti-terrorism law

The Egyptian government approved a new anti-terrorism law on Thursday in response to an attack on Cairo University. The new law is aimed at deterring the recent escalation of terrorist violence in Egypt during its transition following the ouster of former president Mohammed Morsi. Included in the amendments to the law are provisions increasing the penalties for those acts deemed as "terrorist acts" as well as provisions broadening the scope of the law itself. The Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi's political party, was designated a terrorist organization after being accused of several deadly attacks. The specific details of the law have not yet been released, but they reportedly include the death penalty for those found guilty of terrorism and strengthen the punishments for those who promote terrorist acts. The bill has been sent to interim President Adly Mansour for final approval.

Political conflict in Egypt has been ongoing since the 2011 Egyptian Revolution that ousted former president Hosni Mubarak from power. Much of that conflict has occurred recently between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of the new government in place in July, especially since the Brotherhood's formal ban in September. Last month an Egyptian court sentenced 33 Morsi supporters to six years in prison for protesting without a permit.

Death sentences have been handed out to 531 Morsi supporters in March in one mass trial for attacking policemen and one trial of a small group for murdering supporters of the new government. In March an Egyptian court sentenced four police officers for their role in the deaths of 37 Islamists. Opponents have criticized the light sentences handed down to the officers. A day earlier an Egyptian prosecutor referred Morsi's youngest son, Abdullah Morsi, to trial on allegations of drug use and possession. In February the Cairo Criminal Court convicted 26 people of forming a terrorist group with intent to attack the Suez Canal.

(Published by Jurist – April 4, 2014)

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