tuesday, 21 october of 2014


Plenary session to focus on building complete legal system

The central theme of this year's plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, which began today, will be "the rule of law". The four-day meeting will also discuss improving social justice and anti-corruption measures.

For the first time, the CPC Central Committee plenary session will take the rule of law as its key theme.

The CPC will aim this year to draw from socialist legal theory to come out with concrete measures that promote the rule of law. That includes ensuring scientific legislation, strict enforcement, judicial justice and modern governance.

"In the 30-plus years after reform and opening-up, China has achieved a legislative process that took western countries hundreds of years to reach. However, old habits die hard and the mindset of Chinese people won’t change easily," said Guo Xinghua, director of Sociology Department of Remin University.

Professor Guo Xinghua has been studying the issue for a decade. He thinks that China’s social and economic development have made deepened reforms more necessary than ever before. But he says, it must be done carefully.

"To fully implement the rule of law in China, we can’t simply copy the western style, we need to take a lot of things like the Chinese culture, history, and people’s customs into consideration.The process could be really long but we are doing it now," Guo said.

A crucial part of improving the rule of law in China will be improving its laws and regulations.

That includes creating stricter supervision for law enforcement officials in order to avoid abuses of power.

In order to build a complete legal system,experts say that the campaign still needs more efforts in efficient enforcement and close supervision. The CPC should effectively improve law enforcement in government administration to ensure that laws are enforced in a standard, fair and civil manner.

(CCTV, octuber 2014)

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