tuesday, 18 october of 2016

Disney to sue school that teaches lightsaber skills

Lucasfilm, a subsidiary of Disney, is filing a lawsuit against a school that teaches students how to use lightsabers.

The company is suing Michael Brown, who runs a number of businesses, such as New York Jedi, but the documents target LightsaberAcademy.com, billed as “a consortium for academic, stage combat and sport dueling lightsaber instructors”.

“Defendants regularly use the Lucasfilm Trademarks without authorization in connection with their businesses,” the complaint reads. “Among other infringing activities, Defendants use a logo that is nearly identical, and confusingly similar, to Lucasfilm’s trademark Jedi Order logo … round in shape, with six wing-like shapes curving upward (three per side), and an eight-pointed star featuring elongated top and bottom points stretched into a vertical line.”

There have been a number of alleged cease-and-desist notices from Lucasfilm and Brown has reportedly responded with a trademark application for Lightsaber Academy, Inc.

“Lucasfilm has consistently denied Defendants’ requests,” it goes on to read. “Lucasfilm has never licensed or authorized Defendants to make any commercial use of the Lucasfilm Trademarks or any other of Lucasfilm’s intellectual properties.”

The suit demands that Brown pay the company damages and profits or potentially be required to pay $2m for every trademark infringed.

(Published by The Guardian - October 17, 2016)

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