friday, 12 may of 2017

India high court sentences judge to six months for contempt

The Supreme Court of India on Monday found judge C.S. Karnan guilty of contempt and sentenced him to six months in jail. The court ordered the judge to be taken into custody immediately as "[w]hosoever commits contempt gets punished."

The judge was set to retire in June, however, he will serve out the rest of his term incarcerated. The court has also instructed the media to refrain from publishing past opinions from the ousted judge.

Former judge Karnan is yet another leader ousted during his term of service. Last year Dilma Roussef was impeached following allegations of improper accounting to cover-up a growing budget deficit and illegal loans from state-owned banks.

Earlier last year, Brazil's Supreme Court suspended lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha after being suspected of obstructing investigations into his allegedly corrupt activities.

(Published by Jurist - May 9)

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