monday, 4 september of 2017

Federal judge blocks Texas abortion law

A judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Texas granted a temporary restraining order Thursday, blocking Texas officials from enforcing a ban on the most common second trimester abortion procedure.

The ban that was halted by Judge Lee Yeakel originates in Senate Bill 8 and would have taken effect Friday.

The judge found that the state's arguments to prevent the restraining order unpersuasive and to possess a "thin record."

"The State's interest notwithstanding, this court finds no authority for holding that government-mandated medically unnecessary, untested, or a more invasive procedure, or a more complicated and risky procedure with no proven medical benefits over the safe and commonly used banned procedure, is a permissible means of regulating previability abortions."

Abortion remains a contentious issue around the world. Earlier this month Chile's Constitutional Court approved legislation that would legalize abortion in certain circumstances.

In June the UN Human Rights Committee found that Ireland must remedy harm done to a woman in 2010 after denying her an abortion.

The Delaware legislature approved a bill in June that guarantees access to abortion.

(Published by Jurist - September 1, 2017)

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