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Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte
Trigueiro Fontes Advogados
Trigueiro Fontes Advogados

Trigueiro Fontes Advogados

Rua Guajajaras, 581, 9th floor , Lourdes
30180-100 Belo Horizonte-MG

Telephone: 55 31 3222-1969
Fax: 55 31 3224-2227
E-mail: [email protected]


Presentation: As we affirmed previously, TRIGUEIRO FONTES Advogados is going through one of its most promising periods in terms of service providing. The team assembled along those years is now more experienced and the result is naturally noticed by clients, who notice a more fluid relationship between their legal or financial departments and our lawyers. Currently there are more than fifteen partners leading the Firm, which have accomplished a project drafted years ago: serve the demand of our clients all over Brazil, in order to make the relationship more pragmatic and thus minimizing costs with a greater volume of work. There are several Offices: Natal (1993), Recife (1995), Salvador (1997), Fortaleza (1999), Curitiba (2001), Brasília (2002), Porto Alegre (2005), São Paulo (2006), Rio de Janeiro (2007) e Belo Horizonte (2009). Once again, another office will be opened during the course of 2010, always with the purpose to serve the interests of people who trust in our work. We keep working with determination and perseverance, with an objective of having a well-structured Firm in permanent evolution and wide capacity of service. The operating areas of our Office increase every moment and today we deal with matters in civil litigation (contracts, matters, commercial), tributary litigation, administrative litigation and labor litigation; social security, economic law, arbitration, regulatory (public health surveillance, electric energy), real property law, companies law (incorporation and closure of companies, corporate actions), mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale of companies, legal audit, foreign investment, environment, corporate criminal law, estate planning and succession, customer, bindings and international trade. It is always important to remember that our ideals have remained the same since the beginning: whatever we do, we do it in the best way possible, respecting ethical principles and values. We have also maintained absolute subjection to the truth. Our work teams, spread out in geographical areas responsible for 90% of the country’s GDP, symbolizing that we managed to develop the logistics to work in harmony between these places. For this reason, many of our members are reassigned to other regional units for a specified period (two to three years) in order to acquire new experiences and pass onto others the ones they already have. To sum it all up, we have developed the work we once started, and have invested on the technical and scientific development of our members as well, including overseas. Evidently, this all stems from the need for a high-profile Office to meet the needs of large companies, be they national or multinational corporations. In every “presentation” made to introduce the Firm, we have always shown a clear intention to be a well-structured law firm and that TRIGUEIRO FONTES Advogados was an accomplishment of an ideal of life, the reason why we were able to exceed the limits that were always challenging those who were willing to breaking the paradigm. Thanks to a constant effort to provide an efficient service, our operation has expanded at time when law firms have taken up a representative role in defending their clients’ interests. They are possible because we have always believed in the strength of Brazilians from all over the country, who celebrate life with a contagious amount of hope and enthusiasm.

Activities and services: Civil Litigation (contracts, matters, commercial), Tributary Litigation, Administrative Litigation and Labor Litigation; Social Security, Economic Law, Arbitration, Regulatory (public health surveillance, electric energy), Real Propriety Law, Companies Law (incorporation and closure of companies, corporate actions), Mergers and Acquisitions, Purchase and Sale of Companies, Legal Audit, Foreign Investment, Environment, Corporate Criminal Law, Estate Planning and Succession, Consumer, Bindings and International Trade.

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Established since: 2009

Partners' profiles and contact information: 8