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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

Charles Darwin

In today's Law Firm Marketing, an overlooked way to grab media attention and become an industry expert.


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Grand jury used in Trump-Russia investigation

The special counsel investigating claims of Russian meddling in the US election has begun using a grand jury in Washington, reports say. The move suggests Robert Mueller may be taking a more aggressive approach to gathering data on possible collusion with Donald Trump's campaign team. Grand juries are used to issue subpoenas to compel people to testify. The president has again poured scorn on the inquiry, telling a rally in West Virginia it was a "total fabrication". In the US, grand juries are composed of members of the public who hear evidence in secret. Prosecutors use them to gather evidence, as they can compel people to testify or hand over documentation. Although they consider whether evidence in any case is strong enough to issue indictments for a criminal trial, their use does not mean such an indictment is imminent or even probable. The juries do not decide the innocence or guilt of a potential defendant. (Click here)

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1- Facebook to step up fact-checking in fight against fake News. (Click here)

2- Trump approves new Russia sanctions. (Click here)


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Robot armies go to battle in China

The final of the five-on-five robot wars will be held in Shenzhen on Sunday.

A deal for an Australian dairy wrapped in layers of chinese loans

The acquisition of Australia's largest dairy was funded by loads of debt, the type of opaque deal-making that worries regulators around the world.

  • Law Firm Marketing

An overlooked way to grab media attention and become an industry expert
By Tom Trush

Over the weekend, I was lurking around LinkedIn and came across a discussion in a local business owners group.

A business development manager wanted ideas on how to get customers for his start-up. He stated, "Companies do not want to talk to you unless you have established a customer base ... even though we have services that are needed and great staff."

The way his statement was phrased I couldn't help but wonder if he would have an easier time attracting customers if his attention was on his prospects. Statements such as "established a customer base," "services that are needed" and "great staff" are dead giveaways that his focus is on his company.

From a marketing perspective, these traits do little to set you apart from your competition. "Services that are needed" and a "great staff" are especially common claims any company can make.

But by focusing attention on delivering value and educating prospects, you can provide proof for these types of claims -- even if you own a start-up. Furthermore, by demonstrating and distributing knowledge that addresses prospect problems, you meet people's desire for information without human interaction.

One overlooked marketing piece that gives you a perfect opportunity to share knowledge is a press release. Now, you may believe press releases are only for corporate giants. Worse yet, you might be hesitant to write a press release because you believe you have nothing newsworthy to announce.

Get over these misconceptions immediately!

Prior to pursuing my business full-time at the end of 2004, I worked as an editor and newsroom supervisor at Business Wire for nearly 6 years. I've edited and distributed thousands of press releases -- and many were not-so-cleverly disguised pitches from companies hoping to land a feature article or segment on the news.

Although features are always a possibility, here's a little-known secret that will increase your chances of appearing in the media as an expert:

Make yourself known as someone who shares knowledge.

Simply pay attention to writers/editors who cover topics related to your industry and volunteer yourself as a source. You can do this by contacting them or regularly sending out press releases that describe tips or strategies you can offer to their audiences.


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  • Historias Verdaderas

Venezuela en el Mercosur

Los cancilleres del Mercosur se reunirán sábado para decidir la suspensión política de Venezuela del bloque. Venezuela está suspendida desde diciembre por incumplir obligaciones comerciales con las que se comprometió cuando se incorporó en el 2012. (Presione aquí)

Sin poder

El presidente de la República de Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, mediante decreto ejecutivo número 100, quita todas las atribuciones y delegaciones al vicepresidente Jorge Glas. (Presione aquí)

  • Brief News

US Senate seeks standards to secure internet of things

The Internet of Things has been on the verge for years now, and suddenly seems to many like a nascent reality. It also raises security questions to a new level, increasing the number of network access points by many orders of magnitude.

Russian Prime Minister slams Trump administration 'weakness' over US sanctions

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the US sanctions package "ends hopes for improving our relations with the new administration." President Trump signed the bill but called it "seriously flawed." Trump released a scathing signing statement about the Russia sanctions bill he signed into law on Wednesday. Legal and political experts weren't surprised.

Temer survives corruption vote

The Brazilian Congress has voted not to put Temer on trial for corruption. Opposition lawmakers in the lower house of Congress failed to obtain the two-thirds majority needed to send the case to the Supreme Court. Temer welcomed the vote as "clear and incontestable". The president has been accused of receiving $12m in bribes from the boss of a giant meatpacking firm, JBS. He has denied the allegation. In the 513-seat chamber, 263 voted against the motion to send the president for trial and 227 voted in favor, well below the 342 needed for the motion to pass.

Venezuela court asked to suspend inauguration of assembly

Venezuela's prosecutor's office has asked a court to suspend Friday's inauguration of a constituent assembly over claims of electoral fraud. It came after chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega opened an investigation into the allegations, which have been dismissed by President Nicolás Maduro. A firm that supplied the voting system said turnout figures had been inflated. The opposition boycotted Sunday's vote and will hold rallies in the capital, Caracas, as the ceremony takes place.

Harvard University's 2017 intake 'majority non-white' for first time

More than half of Harvard University's next student intake will not be white, for the first time in its 380-year history, official figures show. The varsity, which has educated more US presidents than any other, will take 50.8% of its freshmen from minority groups. That compares to 47.3% last year. Asian Americans make up 22.2%, followed by African Americans at 14.6%, Hispanic or Latino students at 11.6%, and Native American or Pacific Islanders at 2.5%. The milestone figures come just days after Harvard was drawn into a row over affirmative action. (Click here)

Microsoft shifts from paying outside lawyers by the hour

The move could help spur more companies to abandon the billable hour method of charging for legal services. Companies have long chafed at law firms' practice of billing by the hour. Now, a huge corporation, Microsoft, is taking steps to move away from the traditional billing arrangement. David Howard, Microsoft's deputy general counsel, said that under a program begun last month, the software giant planned to rely much more heavily on alternative fee arrangements. Microsoft is aiming to move 90 percent of the company's legal work to such arrangements within two years. The company's review found that it "would benefit from moving further away from a transactional model to one that encouraged deeper engagement between our lawyers and key trusted advisers."

Kering dismisses lawsuit against Alibaba as part of new partnership

Luxury conglomerate Kering has agreed to dismiss a lawsuit against Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding as part of a new deal between the two companies to fight counterfeit goods sold on Alibaba's websites.

Trump announces support for skill-based immigration system

Trump on Wednesday announced his support for a Senate bill to cut immigration levels over a decade. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and Georgia Senator David Perdue introduced the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act to "spur economic growth and raise working Americans' wages by giving priority to the best-skilled immigrants from around the world and reducing overall immigration by half." Cotton said that the bill's objective is to "create a skills-based system that is more responsive to the needs of our economy and preserves the quality of jobs available to American workers." (Click here)

Trump has signed 43 bills into law. Here's what they do

The success or failure of Trump's legislative agenda has become the subject of much debate throughout his time in office. His major policy initiatives — repealing Obamacare, passing tax reform, an infrastructure plan and more — have all been stalled on Capitol Hill, either because of Republican disputes or Democratic obstruction or both. More than six months into his presidency, the number of bills Trump has signed stands at 43. The majority have been passed through the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to roll back regulations imposed by the executive branch, and are aimed at dismantling former President Barack Obama's legislative legacy. In all, two of the laws has created a new policy, fifteen have rolled back rules and regulations issued under Obama's administration, eight had to do with designating something or working to create a new initiative, six changed or expanded existing legislation, and 12 were related to government funding or operations.


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