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"Be specific, not explicit."

In today's Law Firm Marketing, are you creating marketing assets or expenses?


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Release – Communication Law

The expert in Communication Law Ericson M. Scorsim, lawyer at Meister Scorsim Advocacia, has released a new book "Communication Law in Brazil - Telecommunication, Internet, Broadcast TV and Radio, and Pay TV". The book presents an overview of Communications Law, aligning it with the main themes located on the frontiers of Regulatory Law, as defined in the Constitution of Brazil.


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Are you creating marketing assets or expenses?
By Tom Trush

Last Saturday night, I was on the receiving end of a marketing tactic that I couldn't help but applaud.

My good friend Phil -- who I hadn't seen in several months -- and I decided to catch up while bar hopping around downtown Phoenix. Our final stop was at a restaurant and wine bar called Portland's.

As we sat at the bar, I couldn't help but glance at the menu. I had dinner a couple hours earlier, so I wasn't too hungry.

But the lure of a Sicilian-style sausage and roasted poblano pepper pizza proved too tempting to pass up.

My decision to place an order was rewarded the instant I took the first bite -- the pizza was outstanding. So good, in fact, I'd already started planning my next trip to Portland's.

But the marketing gods beat me to the punch...

They must have sensed my excitement because, when I received the check, there was a place to include my e-mail address so I could get future discounts and updates.

Whoa... imagine that!

I'm amazed at how few restaurants (and businesses in general) use this marketing tactic. Now Portland's has an inexpensive way to stay in contact and encourage me to spend money with them.

Think about it...

Their list is a marketing asset -- the value increases as names get added. Of course, this assumes people on the list receive frequent communication and beneficial information.

You won't find a more valuable marketing asset than your database of contact information for prospects and current/previous clients.

Since these people know you, they're most likely to buy or refer your product/service. So wouldn't you agree growing (and, of course, communicating with) your database should be a priority in your marketing efforts?

This is one reason why I often stress the importance of offering valuable information on your website in exchange for e-mail addresses.

And speaking of marketing assets ...

Every marketing piece you use should generate more in return than what it cost to produce and distribute. So if you have a website ... sales letter .. e-mail campaign ... brochure ... mailer ... whatever ... and it does not bring you prospects and generate sales, then re-examine its use.

Can you improve the marketing message? Are you putting the piece in front of the wrong audience? Could you make a stronger offer?

The bottom line is you should make money with your marketing -- not just spend it.


Tom Trush is available at https://www.writewaysolutions.com


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  • Historias Verdaderas


El STJ de Brasil negó apartarse del proceso de homologación de la sentencia ecuatoriana contra la petrolera estadounidense Chevron, acusada de contaminación ambiental y condenada a pagar una millonaria multa a los comunarios de la amazonia. El tribunal brasileño en sentencia rechazó una liminar presentada por los abogados de la defensa que solicitaron la suspensión del caso en tribunales de este país. (Presione aquí)

Panama paper's

Autoridades colombianas capturaron a cuatro altos ejecutivos presuntamente vinculados con el escándalo denominado Panama Papers. El caso que salió a luz en 2016 reveló que desde la firma de abogados panameña Mossack Fonseca, se constituyeron infinidad de sociedades opacas en todo el mundo, algunas de las cuales habrían sido utilizadas para evadir impuestos o blanquear capitales provenientes de actividades ilícitas. (Presione aquí)


LATAM Airlines acordó la venta de su unidad de servicios aeroportuarios en Chile a las españolas Acciona Airport Services y Acciona Aeropuertos, en una operación valorizada en unos US$ 39 mlls. La decisión de enajenar esta filial, según el grupo, es parte de la aerolínea de focalizarse en el negocio de transporte de pasajeros y carga en la región.

  • Brief News

Spanish court bars MPs' independence move

Spain's Constitutional Court has suspended next Monday's session of the Catalan parliament, in a bid to pre-empt a possible push for independence. The court said such a move would be "a breach of the constitution". Earlier Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warned Catalonia's regional government against declaring independence after a disputed vote last Sunday. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont had indicated that he could make such a declaration at next week's session. The court's ruling on Thursday upheld a challenge not from the government in Madrid, but by the Socialists' Party of Catalonia, which opposes secession from Spain. Allowing the regional parliament to meet and declare independence, the court said, would violate the rights of the party's MPs. (Click here)

NRA urges new rules for gun 'bump-stocks'

The National Rifle Association has called for "additional regulations" on bump-stocks, a rapid fire device used by the Las Vegas massacre gunman. The group said: "Devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations." Republicans have said they would consider banning the tool, despite years of resisting any gun control. Lawmakers plan to hold hearings and consider a bill to outlaw the device. The NRA called on Thursday for regulators to "immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law". Trump later told reporters his administration would be looking into whether to ban them "in the next short period of time".

France parliament approves anti-terrorism bill increasing surveillance powers

The lower house of the French parliament on Tuesday voted 415-127 to approve an anti-terrorism bill that would increase police surveillance powers and enable authorities to close places of worship easier that are suspected of being a threat to national security.
Police would have the authority, through judicial approval, to raid private property and restrict people's movements if they are suspect as a threat to national security. Additionally, judiciary approval would not be needed prior to shutting down places of worship or setting up security zones when there is an alleged threat to national security. 
(Click here)

Trump is said to argue Obama's clean power plan violates law

The Trump administration will formally propose repealing former Obama’s sweeping plan for curbing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by arguing it went beyond the bounds of federal law. The Environmental Protection Agency will not prescribe an immediate replacement to the plan, and instead will soon ask the public to comment on how best to curb carbon-dioxide emissions from coal and natural gas power plants, according to a draft of the proposed rule and other government documents. The proposal, set to be unveiled in coming days, is a first step to delivering on President Donald Trump's promise to rip up the Clean Power Plan, which served as the cornerstone of Obama’s climate change agenda. Trump moved to pull the US out of the global Paris climate accord, and he has dismissed global warming as a hoax.

Bipartisan group of lawmakers introduce bill to lessen sentences for drug offenses

A bipartisan group of US senators introduced a bill on Wednesday that aims to reduce prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders. The bill, sponsored by 10 senators from both sides of the aisle, seeks to reduce rather than to fully eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for certain non-violent drug crimes while simultaneously giving federal judges more discretion to deviate from the sentencing guidelines when they see fit. Thus the bill will reduce charges for crimes such as drug possession and the sale of narcotics.

Russian soldiers face ban on selfies and blog posts

The Russian defense ministry has drafted a law to ban social media posts by professional soldiers and other military personnel on security grounds. The bill says photos, videos and other material uploaded to the internet can reveal military details useful to an enemy. Automatic geolocation can show where a military unit is deployed. The bill affects "contract" soldiers, who can be sent abroad, not conscripts. (Click here)

Canada lawmakers approve bill banning visas for rights abusers

Canada's House of Commons on Wednesday passed bill S-226, the "Magnitsky Act," which would allow for the Canadian government to take "restrictive measures in respect of foreign nationals responsible for gross violations of internationally recognized human rights." These actions include sanctioning, freezing assets, or denying entry of foreign citizens of countries with human rights violations or corruption. The law also would make amendments to previous laws which afforded special protections to foreign nationals within Canada. (Click here)

Un-erasing Puerto Rico's debt

The White House tried to walk back President Trump’s vow to wipe out the island’s debt amid investor panic. But the territory faces a fiscal deadline. The island would have to solve its own fiscal woes despite the catastrophic damage it has endured from two powerful hurricanes.

Plan for a very hard Brexit, German firms told

German companies with a presence in the UK should be planning for a "very hard Brexit", Germany's biggest industry body has warned. German industry looked "with concern" at the progress of the Brexit talks, said the boss of the Federation of German Industries, Joachim Lang. Britain "is lacking a clear concept despite talking a lot," he added. Leave campaigners said that if Britain walked away without a deal it would be because of EU negotiating delays. But Britain would thrive nonetheless, said Richard Tice, co-chair of Leave Means Leave.

Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on US Cyber Defense

Hackers working for the Russian government stole details of how the US penetrates foreign computer networks and defends against cyberattacks after a National Security Agency contractor removed the highly classified material and put it on his home computer. The hackers appear to have targeted the contractor after identifying the files through the contractor’s use of a popular antivirus software made by Russia-based Kaspersky Lab.

Lawmakers grill former Equifax CEO over timing of hack disclosure

Lawmakers pressed Equifax’s former chief executive over the length of time it took the credit-reporting company to inform regulators, shareholders and the general public about its massive breach.

Judge orders Bank of America to Redo Settlement in Mortgage Dispute

The bankruptcy judge handling a dispute between Bank of America Corp. and a California couple who were mistakenly foreclosed on refused to approve a settlement that would end their lawsuit on Wednesday.


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