Hope for new technologies in Brazil as the country thrives to solve patent backlog

Rodrigo Mourão

In the end of September 2019, Xiaomi launched in China their new mobile smartphone Mi MIX Alpha, which is equipped with one of the most, if not the most, potent processors to date, the Snapdragon 855 plus by Qualcomm.


Brazil Patent Law: Judicial Patent Invalidation

Ana Paula Brito

The cancellation has retrospective effect, which in turn undermines any question of royalties discussed in the infringement lawsuit.


Trade Dress Protection in Brazil - A Glimpse at the Beverage Market

Ana Paula Affonso Brito

According to São Paulo State Court, by analyzing both products side by side on the market, a regular customer could easily get confused in view of the clear similarity between Jeropiga and Jurupinga. Besides having similar marks, both drinks’ colors are identical, the label backgrounds have similar colors and the images of bottles, barrels and bunches of grapes are both printed in similar colors.


Brazilian trade union structure, the 4th industrial revolution, and the representativeness of new workers and companies*

Maria Lucia Ciampa Benhame Puglisi

The article presents the Brazilian union structure and analyses the situation of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Brazil about to enter the madrid system

Roberta Arantes and Cecília T. Delgado de Moura

A lot of effort and investment has been made to achieve WIPO’s requirements to accede the Protocol and place Brazil among the already 120 countries that are covered by the system.


“I did it my way - Saving a Brazilian patent application

Magnus Aspeby

Brazilian patent practitioners, and in particular those working with the PCT, will remember that for many years there were simultaneously two different time limits for entering the National Phase, namely:


FaceApp’s viral success creates privacy concerns in Brazil

Dirceu Pereira de Santa Rosa

The ˜Procon SP Foundation”, a not-for-profit consumer protection watchdog linked to the Secretary of Justice from the State of Sao Paulo, recently sent warning letters to the developers of FaceApp, Wireless Lab, as well as to Apple and Google, owners of the virtual stores that make the app available In Brazil. In these letters, Procon SP demands all companies to inform and clarify why the application collects consumer data.


Brazilian Intellectual Property Protection in the Mercosur / EU Trade Agreement

Claudia Zeraik

In view of the favorable export environment that is now being envisaged for Brazilian producers, the trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union, as well as Brazil´s accession to the Madrid Protocol should be celebrated as a step forward in the protection of intelectual property.


Brazil: Recent decisions issued by Rio de Janeiro’s Federal Court contribute to expedite rulings on judicial appeals from rejection of trademark applications

Paulo Armando Innocente de Souza e Rafael Marques Rocha

This is because Rio de Janeiro’s Federal Court, in very recent rulings overturning PTO’s rejecting decisions based on senior registrations opted to rule out the owner of the blocking registrations when the Applicant’s claim is supported by a letter of consent or coexistence agreement provided by the seniority’s owner


Collective bargaining off drivers using app – is it a legal possibility in brazilian legal ordinance?

Maria Lucia Ciampa Benhame Puglisi

It is important to analyze, as a premise of this legal possibility, the Brazilian trade union structure, as well as the legality of the legal business, based on the civil legislation, focusing on the definition of the “capable agent”.

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