New York divorce judge orders couple to build wall down middle of home

A New York judge ordered a warring couple to build a wall down the middle of their home in an effort to stop their petty squabbling.

Judge Eric Prus told Pinchs and Nechama Gold, an Orthodox Jewish couple who lived in the same house through years of marital strife, to split their home in half as they go through a bitter divorce, the New York Post reported.

In a ruling passed on Thursday, the Golds were told they have two weeks to agree on where the wall should go in their home in the New York borough of Brooklyn - or the court will decide for them.

"They've been living like there was a wall up for two years now," said Abe Konstam, an attorney for Pinchs Gold. "This just helps them completely avoid each other."

The Golds married 21 years ago, but after years of arguments, the wife, who claims her husband verbally abuses her and their five children, just wants him to pack his bags.

She claims he even spitefully blows out their Shabbos candles. Pinchs denies those allegations.

Pinchs Gold, meanwhile, claims Nechama Gold hides his heart medications. She also banished him from the bedroom, he claims, forcing him to sleep for two years in their dining room.

On May 18, her lawyer asked the court for temporary exclusive occupancy.

The judge's response took a more divide-and-conquer approach to the hostilities.

"It's a large house, so I think we can come up with some sort of agreement," conceded Nechama Gold's lawyer, Brian Perskin. "But she wants him out."

The plans drawn up allots Nechama Gold about 700 more square feet because the kids will live with her.

"This could be called the Divorce Wall," said Rabbi Mendel Gold, Pinchs Gold's brother. "It could probably even help healthy couples."

(Published by The Herald Sun – July 5, 2010)

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