"Stop the Sag"

Baggy pants ban to be signed into law in Georgia town

A town in Georgia is the latest municipality to pass a baggy pants ban into law, CNN reports.

Mayor Phil Best of Dublin, Georgia will sign the law on Tuesday, he told CNN. People will be ticketed if their pants sit three inches below the waist, exposing skin or underwear. Fines will range between $25 and $200. The ban also extends to skirts.

Mr. Best said the town instituted the ban after receiving complaints from residents.


"We've gotten several complaints from citizens saying the folks with britches down below their buttocks was offensive, and wasn't there something we could do about it," Best said.

The mayor said after about a year of fielding complaints, he put the city attorney to work researching how other localities have dealt with the derriere dilemma. The result was that council members decided to put exposure due to baggy clothing in the same category as masturbation, fornication and urination in public places.

"It's time we all have a mutual respect for each other … what a person does in the privacy of their home is fine," Best said. "But if I had an 8-year-old daughter, I don't think she needs to be subjected to looking at someone's rear end."

Dublin, which is located 225 kilometres southeast of Atlanta, isn't the only town to ban low-riding pants. The style is also banned in Flint, Michigan and Delcambre, Louisiana. A ban was passed in Riviera Beach, Florida, in 2008 but was later deemed unconstitutional.

Politicians have also taken aim at the style. In March, New York state senator Eric Adams launched a "Stop the Sag" billboard campaign.

"This sagging pants culture represents an immature disregard for the basic civility, courtesy, and responsibility that our young men should display," Mr. Adams said at the time.

(Published by National Post - September 7, 2010)

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