Cell phone banned

Argentina city bans cell phones in banks

A city in central Argentina has banned the use of cell phones inside banks, punishable by 15 days in jail, state media reported Thursday.

The city legislature in Cordoba passed the ban Wednesday night, the government-funded Telam news agency said. The law applies to bank employees, customers and anyone inside a bank.

Juan Brugge, one of the lawmakers who wrote the bill, said the measure complements national legislation, particularly regulations by Argentina's central bank.

Security has been cited as the reason behind similar bans elsewhere. Some bank officials have noted that robbers have used cell phones to communicate with lookouts outside the building. The use of cell phone cameras to help case a bank also is a concern.

Banks in Mexico City, Chicago and elsewhere were reported as having banned cell phones as early as 2006.

But some security experts say banning cell phones does little to enhance security, noting that anyone robbing a bank is not likely to worry about breaking a law on the use of mobile devices.

(Published by CNN - November 18, 2010)

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