"1.000galhas" Gift

We have reached an important milestone in the journey. Celebrate with us MI 1,000 edition.

We have taken risks to please you and at times we may have upset you. We wanted Migalhas International to be a voice and a platform in the legal world, prompting important and significant news, which you can use; offering hints in legal marketing and technology, and providing learned opinions and perspectives on major society issues and areas of law.

  • Aline Merone, entity matters attorney at Accenture Legal Group, is the winner of "Dicionário jurídico bilingue português/inglês - inglês/português" (Saraiva, 280p.) and Alberto C. S. Fontenelle, legal manager at Repsol Brasil S/A, is the winner of "Audiolivro: inglês jurídico para profissionais" (Saraiva). Both books were written by Marina Bevilacqua de La Touloubre.


"Dicionário jurídico bilingue português/inglês - inglês/português" (Saraiva, 280p.)

The technical vocabulary is part of the legal language as a communication vehicle among legal professionals and translation in international settings. Working with two different languages in the legal framework requires knowledge of the culture and legal system. In this context, the book is of great value to the legal practitioner who wishes to acquire a large gap to the labor market.


"Audiolivro: inglês jurídico para profissionais" (Saraiva)

English is the language chosen by the majority of legal and business professionals to serve their communication in an international environment. Therefore, in a cross-border legal relationship, if the rights are clearly defined, it is less probably that a dispute starts. We can say that the caution in the use of the legal English language can serve as a prophylactic, as a preventive measure against future disputes.


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