tuesday, 24 april of 2012

Future of frozen Megaupload data to be decided


Future of frozen Megaupload data to be decided

Talks in the US over what to do with the 28 petabytes of frozen Megaupload data will begin this Thursday.

Carpathia Hosting is preserving the data after the file-sharing website Megaupload was shut down by US authorities in January following a raid by New Zealand authorities on the mansion of website founder Kim Dotcom and his arrest.

It has been costing Carpathia US$9000 a day to hold the data, and last month it sought permission from the court to either delete the data or get those interested in the data to pay for its upkeep.

The Motion Picture Association has also filed a letter to the US courts saying it wanted the data protected because it planned to sue Megaupload and those who have contributed to copyright infringement, and needed the data to do so.

On April 13 a judge ordered Megaupload and US government lawyers to mediate.

PC World today reported negotiation talks would begin on Thursday.

(Published by NZ Herald - April 24, 2012)

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