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DSK’s maid is served: He sues her for $1M


DSK's maid is served: He sues her for $1M

Fallen French pol Dominique Strauss-Khan yesterday filed a $1 million countersuit against the hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault, saying her lies one year ago cost him a shot at running his country.

On the first anniversary of his blockbuster arrest, DSK accused Nafissatou Diallo of "knowingly and intentionally making a false report to law-enforcement authorities" that cost him his job as head of the International Monetary Fund.

DSK also says the "malicious and wanton false allegation” damaged his worldwide reputation and caused him to lose “other professional opportunities."

Although the Bronx Supreme Court filing doesn’t specify those job prospects, the disgraced economist admits elsewhere in court papers "that he 'was considered by some to become the next president of France.' "

That post has since gone to François Hollande, who narrowly defeated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

DSK’s countersuit charges Diallo with malicious prosecution, abuse of process, false imprisonment, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The philandering Frenchman, who’s married to journalist Anne Sinclair, admits that he and Diallo "engaged in mutually consensual sexual acts" in his luxury suite at the Midtown Sofitel hotel.

But after Diallo "falsely reported that she had been sexually assaulted," DSK says he was arrested and "subjected to a degrading and humiliating strip search; photographed naked; and forced to provide penal (sic) swabs as part of a forensic examination." "Mr. Strauss-Kahn also was paraded in front of international media in handcuffs as part of a 'perp walk' intended to humiliate him, even though he committed no crime," his countersuit says.

The criminal case against DSK eventually collapsed after investigators caught Diallo in a number of lies, including the claim that she had been gang-raped in her native Guinea, which court papers say had "moved veteran law-enforcement official (sic) to tears."

DSK's court filing came two weeks after he lost a bid to toss Diallo's pending civil suit against him.

(Published by New York Post - May 15, 2012)

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