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Spain: Seven years in prision for piano playing?


Seven years in prision for piano playing?

The prosecution in a case being heard in the Gerona town of Puigcerdà, Spain, has asked for a seven and a half year prison sentence for the neighbour of a residents who has suffered psychological injuries through the constant nuisance of a young female neighbour, identified with the initials L. M., who played her piano 8 hours per day for five days a week, between October 2003 and September 2007.

During the period in which the case referred, L. M. was a student of music, and has since become a professional pianist. The sentence is for six years for noise pollution, plus one year for causing “mental injury” to neighbours.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the defence are stating that they consider the sentence to be “completely disproportionate”, and there are countless flaws and contradictions seen listed in the case notes, including the claim that the girl's parents soundproofed the room and did everything possible to reduce the noise, whereas the complainant, identified as Sonia B, claims that this is not the case.

As time went by, tensions escalated between the neighbouring families, with the police having to attend on a number of occasions.

S. B. claims that the noise caused anxiety and stress, as well as having an adverse affect on her pregnancy, the situation being so bad that they were forced to move to Galicia in 2007, the latest date recorded in the case of complaint.

L. M., now aged 28, began studying piano at the age of 6, but started practicing more and more at home. Currently, she is pursuing a professional career as a concert master pianist in Italy.

In addition to the prison sentence, the prosecutor is asking for a significant financial payment by means of compensation to the victim in the case, as well as a four year ban from playing the piano, whereas L. M. is positive that “good music” will have a positive outcome in the ruling from the justice system.

(Published by The Leader, November 11, 2013)

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