friday, 17 february of 2017

UK Supreme Court judge defends Brexit decision

The president of the UK Supreme Court on Thursday defended the court's ruling that only Parliament can activate the Article 50 mechanism to leave the EU.

Lord Neuberger, when asked if he felt that politicians were needlessly interfering with a political decision that the nation had made, said:

We were doing what our job requires us to do, which is taking a case ... and dealing with it according to the law, and answering the issues that were presented to us according to the law.

Neuberger's public response may have been prompted by media portrayal of the decision and the judges who made it.

Last week the House of Commons voted 494-122 to give Prime Minister Theresa May authority to formally begin the Brexit process.

In January the Court ruled 8-3 that Parliament must vote on whether to begin the process of leaving the EU.

The case had been appealed from the UK High Court of Justice, which also required Parliamentary approval to leave the EU.

British citizens voted to leave the EU last June in a referendum.

(Published by Jurist - February 16, 2017)

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