friday, 24 march of 2017

Federal judge blocks Louisiana marriage law

A judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana blocked a law Wednesday that would prevent foreign-born US citizens from marrying. The legislation at issue required a birth certificate to obtain a marriage license. The law had barred 32-year-old Viet Anh Vo from marrying his fiancee in 2016.

Vo was thee months old when he came to the US after being born in a refugee camp in Indonesia. Both Vo and his fiancee are US citizens, though Vo was never issued a birth certificate. The judge halted the law after finding it to violate equal protection and the fundamental right to marry.

The rights of immigrants in the US have been receiving national scrutiny as of late. In March the Department of Justice petitioned to have the travel ban executive order by President Donald Trump reviewed more quickly. That same month the Mississippi Senate approved a bill that would prohibit cities in the state from passing so-called "sanctuary" laws limiting how local government groups cooperate with federal immigration agencies.

Also in March the California Chief Justice asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to stop following undocumented immigrants to courthouses in order to make arrests.

(Pubished by Jurist - March 23, 2017)

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