tuesday, 21 august of 2018


Egypt new cybersecurity law limits social media and internet access

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi signed a cybersecurity law Saturday that allows the government broad authority to block websites while setting jail sentences and jail fines for violations.

Amnesty International described the new law as giving “the state near-total control over print, online and broadcast media.”

There is another cybersecurity law pending before the president, which places all twitter feeds with more than 5,000 followers under a greater amount of government scrutiny.

El-Sisi has been in power since 2013 and won an election this past spring [Bloomberg report] with 92 percent of the vote. El-Sisi ran virtually unopposed, and the turn out was at 40 percent.

(Published by Jurist, August 20, 2018)

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