Podcast: the launch of Migalhas LatinoAmerica in Spanish and the Chinese beat is on: "Made in China, sued in America"

Migalhas LatinoAmérica is a legal and business newsletter published in Spanish, published by Migalhas. The Latin American legal community is a natural expansion for Migalhas and we now have readers from all over Latin America who want indispensable high-quality information on the major issues and personalities that are shaping the legal and business developments in Latin America.

Do not miss our second podcast, about the launch of Migalhas LatinoAmerica and the Chinese beat is on: "Made in China, sued in America".

Migalhas LatinoAmérica, Migalhas and Migalhas International are independent publications and offer free subscription to their newsletters. Migalhas LatinoAmérica (in Spanish) is available at: www.migalhas.com/latinoamerica, Migalhas (in Portuguese) is available at: www.migalhas.com.br and Migalhas International (in English) is at: www.migalhas.com

Michael Ghilissen

Michael Ghilissen

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