Ken´s Korner: time to celebrate

friday, 17 december of 2010

Ken's Korner: time to celebrate

By Ken and Sally Kasner, Positive Options (Click here)

It's that time of year again, the time when we traditionally give thanks and celebrate our good fortunes.  And for some, this year will present more challenges than we have experienced for some time.  The media paints the dire picture.  People are out of work.  Many lost their retirement.  The economy is in the toilet.  What is there to celebrate?

True, most of us have had a year in which we have seen some of what we thought to be essential to happiness evaporate from our lives.  It has definitely been a time when we have stepped back to lick our wounds and reevaluate.  Plans have had to change.  Expectations have shifted.  And, for some of us, getting into recovery mode has been difficult.  But most of us have picked ourselves back up, dusted ourselves off, and begun to rearrange the pieces.  Why do we do this?  Because most of us believe in possibility.  We also know if it is to be, it is up to us as individuals to make it happen in our lives.

In the last several years many have written and spoken about something called the Law of Attraction.  Basically, what this law says is that what we focus on expands in our lives.  We have all had this law demonstrated to us many times throughout our lives.  For example, if I go out and buy a new bright blue Volkswagen convertible, I will begin to see them everywhere despite the fact that I never noticed them before.  Likewise, in our personal relationships, if we like to gripe and complain, we will soon have a friendship network of gripers and complainers.  If we feel poor, we will surround ourselves with poor people.  If we feel and act wealthy, we will have wealthy people around us.  Like attracts like.

The Law of Attraction is a simple fact of life.  If it is so simple, why don't we have more of what we say we want in our lives?  Because most of what we think and do is done unconsciously.  We aren't even aware of the repeating patterns of thought, feeling and action that keep us where we are.  The only way out of this self perpetuating cycle is to begin to intentionally focus on what we do want to experience and consciously take charge of our thoughts, emotions and behavior.

In some ways I think the losses most of us have experienced in the last year have been a good thing.  They have caused us to stop and think.  What really is important to me?  Are the objects in my life really the reflection of my value as a person?  What have been my greatest blessings this year?  What were the highlights of this year?  When did I feel the most joy?  When was I of most service?  Who did I spend time with that was most inspiring?  What do I want to experience more of this next year?  The answers to these questions tell you what you can most profitably think about, talk about and spend time doing to move your life in the direction that is most rewarding for you.

My life, like everyone else's, has had times of joy and times where I asked myself, how in the world did I get myself into this mess?  At one of those down times a friend told me, "Start being aware of all that you have to be thankful for, make a list."  He said, "Start with the sheets on your bed."  I have never forgotten what he said and many times it has helped me put things in perspective.

What we focus on really does expand in our lives.  The Law of Attraction works.  Regardless of the circumstances, we always have control over where we choose to focus.  Life begins and ends, the ride is up to us.  May you find many things to be thankful for this holiday season and create many more to be thankful for in the future.


© Trey Ryder

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